The morning after….Iowa “DeathStorm”

Well for the most part, the City of Des Moines, IA is shut down for the day following the aftermath that was “one of the worst winter storms in a decade”.  This morning we awoke to even more snow out there.  As I said in my early post, the wind is what got us last night, pushing some drifts to over 4ft.

Might not use the back door

DOT Trucks/Plows were actually pulled off the roads last night due to hazardous weather/road conditions.  Currently today we are looking at 30 mph winds, and -12 degree windchill.  Not sure that we are going to be getting out of the house much.

Check out my Flickr Stream off to the right for more pictures.

Time to go make some Hot Cocoa!!!

Mega Drift in the backyard


2 Responses to The morning after….Iowa “DeathStorm”

  1. John Barclay says:

    Sure wish I lived in Iowa… NOT!

  2. Jeff Barclay says:

    Looks like the storm we had last year the week before Christmas. It snowed on and off for five days and the wind blew huge drifts, so I know how you feel.

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